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We provide support and design help for a variety of business related problems. If you’re feeling stuck working on processes that seem to have no end, hire us to take those processes off your plate so you can focus on what you love most.
Our areas of focus include: small business, non-profit, fashion boutiques, life coaching, bloggers, and ministry. 
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Shine Solutions Specialist

With a BA in Communications Andrea has utilized her gifts for:

  • Launch Design as a Web Designer & Marketing Coordinator

  • Beautiful Seasons Coaching as a Certified Professional Life Coach

  • Mission of Hope Haiti as a Partnership Coordinator


Through her years of non-profit work and life coaching, Andrea has experienced the need to help organizations with:

  • Web Sites

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Blogs

  • Email Campaigns

  • Overall Business Strategies


Continuing Eduction includes: 

  • StoryBrand University Marketing Trained  

  • HootSuite Academy Social Media Certified

  • Wix Icon Partner Website Developer

“I’m a cheerleader in life. Being an encourager and helper are my greatest passions. As a peacemaker and enthusiast, I guess you could say I’m naturally chill with a party side! Whatever I do I give 110% and it's a joy for me to serve others.”



Shine Solutions Specialist

With a BA in Professional Writing, Amy has utilized her gifts for:

  • Oklahoma Shirt Company as the Customer Evangelist & Brand Manager

  • 5&Company Fashion Boutique as a Business Consultant

  • Posh Boutique as Managing Partner


Through her years of sales and merchandising, Amy has had the privilege of serving organizations with:

  • Hospitality

  • Copy Writing

  • Store Merchandising

  • Brand Marketing

  • Overall Business Strategies

Continuing Eduction includes: 

“I believe that above all, kindness matters. I am a xennial who believes in the value of hard work but also has a deep reverence for technology, social media, and moon landings. I love people and hearing their stories and am passionate about helping them craft a narrative that impacts others.”

Imagine feeling free, growing your business, and finding joy again...

We can help you Be Efficient, Be Effective, and Be Excellent!



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Amy Wopsle
Andrea Barnett
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